Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation...

After receiving some gentle encouragement from a close imaginary friend of mine I have returned from my lengthy summer vacation to the blogosphere! (yes I hate that word too...but I also love it. It is a hateful lust I hold)

Looking back at my blog (which, I just realized, has been in existence for 2.5 years! woohoo for made up accomplishments!) I have seen that I've been less than consistent over the summer months when it comes to updates. Who could forget the great drought of '07 when my posts per month went from a whopping 3 a month down to 1, followed by a coma of 5 months. 2008 was slightly better, but things still slowed to a gooey-like substance over the summer months with just enough posts being made to convince the Dehcho Drum to not run my obituary.

A number of things can be attributed to my lack of bloggery (why not?) recently...
1) No interwebs at home until last week
2) A girlfriend (remember, this isn't a list of bad things.... Just things! Reasons! Factors! Good god why is she looking at me like that?! Eeeeeeep!)
3) No time
(see: above, traveling, golf, golf patio, etc etc)

I know I have a lot of work to do to make up for lost time and sessions of incoherent ramblings and rantings on my part...so let us begin!


From the time of my last update, June was likely the busiest of months in the Alexorian Calendar (Similar to the Gregorian Calendar, but more me like).
There was a friend's wedding:

(and no, it wasn't one of those weddings where 6 guys marry each other. But we were all in attendance at the wedding)

Aboriginal Day:
This is the Pole Push event, which...we....WON!
(And it was even an event for grown-ups)

Here's a shot of the womens canoe races...which were much more thrilling than the mens....I say this mainly because I was in the mens and finished a pitiful 4th place. In my defense, I thought we would do awesome because of my paddling background but as it turns out, we sucked. Good story huh??

and then the day following Aboriginal Day my lovely girlfriend and I packed all our belongings in a romantic hobo-like frenzy and then drove to Yellowknife where we hopped on a plane to Halifax.
I took her to a few touristy sites like Peggy's Cove (which I always called "Piggy's Cove" until I was 22-errr make that like 5):

As you can see, one thing I didn't take her to was a restaurant.

-Unfortunately we only had time to spend 5 days in Nova Scotia...but it was good to see the family and a few friends. I even got to go surfing and name-drop a pro-surfer relative of mine and get some free surf gear rentals and then go surfing while very hungover and then feel kind of sick and then I stopped.
The previous sentence was sponsored by:Megan! Thank you for your continued support!

So that's about it for June...tune in the next few days while I recap the exciting adventures of.....JULY, and then we will come to the exciting summer conclusion where we will find out if AUGUST will continue his alliance with the Summer months or if he will defect to the evil Fall! DUN DUN DUNNNNN!


Megan said...

I thought the "June" image was supposed to be you. Lecherous old man, hot topless young girl...it all makes sense now.

Tina said...

We've missed you. When I say "we" I mean me and my blog. :)

Alex said...

I have no idea what "lecherous" means but I'm going to assume it means "chiseled and a great cook".
Although I would guess that would mean you're mocking me as I am not chiseled and I tend to burn toast.
Please keep in mind I said "great COOK". Just clarifying that.

and thanks Tina! I feel so out of touch with everyone's blog...haven't been keeping up to date. I hope there's no running jokes that I missed out on that will come back to bite me