Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm perfectly comfortable with my level of maturity...


It's snowing!!
Today is the first day of legitimate snow here in Fort Simpson for this year and I'm not going to subdue my excitement!

My hands must have been shaking and all over the place when I tried to snap a shot as I left the house for work this morning...hence the misplaced finger.

I'm sure this dusting won't stick around for long but it does mean that the heavy snowfall won't be too fall away...which means snowshoeing, skiing, increased snowcone production, etc etc etc

That is all.

You may now go back to your regular scheduled internet browsing.


Tina said...

I did the happy snow dance here alsos today!

Alex said...

woohoo! I'm surprised it has actually stayed around for the day...hoping it stays around for the weekend and then some!

April said...

You can imagine my excitement levels... May I say I'm happy to know ONE Nova Scotian at least who loves the white stuff - keep up the good work comrade.

Alex said...

Thanks April!
I'm curious as to your whereabouts...back in jolly ol' England at the moment??

almost time of the year to get out SLEDDING...yes?

April said...

In boring old England where the weather is...meh...ALL the time. Very boring. Enjoy your snow and sub zero temperatures my friend! Although - I will be on Canadian soil in two weeks and a bit. Off to Vancouver for jolly hols.

What is this sledding activity you speak of? It sounds intriguing. Is it like sledging?