Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something I have learned... NOT go dog walking on a Sunday evening in the Fall while living in the Northwest Territories. Or at least not without a leash. Or at the very least, a piece of extension cord to restrain your 4 legged beast(s).
Reason being?... Rampant decapitations and dismemberment of course!

Fortunately, it is not the blood of humans being spilled, but rather that of our arch rivals...THE MOOSE!

Just about everyone and their uncle's barber has shot a moose in the past couple of weeks so it's not uncommon to find blood splatter or "fresh" sets of antlers on the side of the road. For me, and people like me, this is general regarded as unpleasant. Or at least when you unexpectedly step on them. But for Sadie...JACKPOT! As soon as I opened the front gate to take her for a bike ride (she case you were wondering), she bolted down the road with her nose about an inch off the ground in search of the delicious smell of still-warm moose carcass. Yum.
Eventually I caught up to her, but not before she first located the nearby smell which, in this case, was a recently severed moose head in a truck. Yum yum.
So after pleading with her that this severed moose head was no good for her (he was trying to woo her with his "bad boy" image anyway) we continued down the riverbank until...BANG, off she goes again, this time down to the boat of someone who had some blood still on their boat. I assume it was from a moose. Assume.
This continued on and on and on as we went down the road. She bolts. I call for her. I see she's not coming so I clench my jaw and mumble something about "I'm not taking this shit!" but then I do anyway. I eventually make my way over to where she is and pry her away from her goodies. We try to continue our journey like that didn't just happen, like I'm still in control. *Sniff sniff*...ZOOM. Rinse, repeat.


Ah well, it was beautiful outside:

Here's the little shit disturber with her current best pal, Old Man Mehke.

Ooh and now for my excuse for having not updated for the past week or so (I thought I'd wait on giving an excuse this time around...more believable that way):
I was in Yellowknife again! No lyin'!
I was there for about week actually...for work. IMPORTANT WORK. Ever hear of a certain someone named...ohhh I don't know...BILL CLINTON!!?!!

You have? Good. You should have. He's a notable figure on the world stage.
Bill Clinton, however, has nothing to do with me or my trip to Yellowknife.

I can appear important for you (*wink*) if you would like me to though:

True, it would appear that I was doped up and paraded around on a stage with a podium for the enjoyment of others. And while that is partly true, I was actually giving a presentation!
Look closer if you want proof of my horrifying nervousness and rosy-red blush face:

See? Legitimate public-speaking induced flushness!
Good times.

I also got to spend some much needed time with my girlfriend,

and eat out several of these times was even with fellow blogger Meagan. I didn't take any pictures of our lunch, but in case you're wondering, this is generally what she looks like:

haha I keed I keed! Great what a google search will turn up when you don't have any pictures handy.
By the way...I owe you a lunch Megan!

So that's where I've been.

How you been...PLANET EARTH?


Megan said...

That picture was actually taken by our victim-services folks at last year's office Christmas party. I am reliably informed that it is an accurate portrayal of the evening.

Alex said...

We're known for our sneaky (or not so sneaky) photography skills!