Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things you may not have known about Fort Simpson...

Seeing as how Fort Simpson isn't exactly the most talked about or most well known community in the North...I thought I'd take the chance to look at some of the little locations and quirks that make Fort Simpson the awesome place that it is!

To begin with...we shall look at something that, in its time, was surely one of the great engineering marvels on the New World. A building that has fallen into disrepair, but at one time it would have entertained the masses (err...sizable portions) of Fort Simpsonites!

Behold...the (former) Fort Simpson movie theatre!

Okay...so maybe it's not what you were expecting.

As you can probably guess...this place hasn't been in operation at any point in the year and a half I've been a Simpson resident. I have heard from lots of (slightly) older residents that they remember going on dates at the theatre is years past.
The place does have a purpose still...albeit a much less exciting one. It...is....a.....storage unit!
Nogha Enterprises (local construction) stores extra materials and old equipment in there now. With a bit of imagination you can still visualize what it would have been like as a theatre though. You can still see remnant of the screen:

and if you head upstairs and to the back...you can see where the projector room was (and might I say, it's still in MINT condition):

(boy those projectionists sure had a funky sense of style)

And I know what you're thinking...LESS TALKING, MORE REOPENING OF THIS MARVELOUS PLACE...alas, there be some structural issues:

So...unfortunately it would appear that won't be happening anytime soon.

It's definitely an unassuming building upon first glance but still a neat bit of (recent) history in Fort Simpson.

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