Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time for celebration!...sort of.

2 things:

The Friendship Centre (bearer of the often loathed, occasionally loved weight room) obtained new weights! True, it's just a couple of 10lbs plates...but these things could be pioneers of the Weight Room Revolution that will no doubt take place in the near future! I don't think I could be more exact in my predictions.
Now to do something about that lack of heat...

And also...as you may have figured out via my last post and it's inclusion of snowy weather...it's getting cold here!
A negative for some, a positive for others...I see it as a chance to give people insight into my aching soul. How so? Well normally when I wear my glasses people just see me as "That bald guy wearing glasses". But now...with the cold weather...I can wear a toque! Relevance?
Feel the angst:

Now people will no doubt see me as "That artsy guy who I want to be just like". Give or take a few words and meanings.

Praise to winter!

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