Tuesday, September 21, 2010

6 days down....8 to go.

Today is D-Day...plus 6!
Wuh? Oh...no not that D-Day, I'm referring to De-balling Day of course! (too soon?)

In a matter of minutes, Thomas Jefferson (aka TJ) went from a beast of a dog, overflowing with energy and testosterone...to....uhhh a beast of a dog, temporarily NOT overflowing with energy and now with a very manageable amount of testosterone.

With the traveling vet here it's not exactly ideal when having a neutering done. About 15 minutes after the surgery is done I had to go pick up TJ. Let me tell you he was efffffffffffffed up!
He couldn't walk on his own but he was semi-conscious, so he did this weird "saunter saunter SLAM" technique of walking and falling. The vet and I had to pick him up to get him out of the vet clinic and into my truck. Doesn't sound so bad I know, but when you're dealing with 90lbs of dead weight (figure of speech people!), it's a bit tricky.

Anywho, thankfully he slept most of the evening when I got him home but then once the anesthetic wore off a bit he was a wreck: thrashing around, constantly restless, and even through all the anesthetic he was able to perfect his "Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?" face to me.

The cone itself should be a restricted weapon. When he had a purpose in his mind he will not be stopped, and the cone facilitates this for him. He's gotten pretty good at clearing tables, taking clothes off hooks, upsetting water dishes, and leg sweeps on me.
The thing is like 2 friggen feet wide!:

But I gotta give it to him, he's making the best of it and not getting too down. The toughest part has been trying to keep him calm since I can't take him for the usual intense bike rides.

I'm sure I made the right decision to get him neutered. I'm pretty sure. Okay I have my doubts but I think it'll work out in the end. OH DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?

Just 8 more days...8 more days...

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