Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello old's nice to talk with you again

Helllllloooooooooooo Planet Earth!

blah blah talking like nothing is amiss blah blah nonchalant conversation blah blah blah...

Okay you're right. I can't carry this charade on any longer. It's TRUE! I haven't done a lick of good to my blog in almost a full year. First I went a month with nothing, then 3 months(okay technically I went 2 months, but I'm doing the "edited for your viewing convenience explanation"), and then I just said "ah fark it! ". Convenietly enough, I also have been wasting much of my online time on
But that's beside the point. I was finding I had less and less (and less) motivation for updates and I had begun to feel as though most of what I was contributing was pointless. Okay let me rephrase: it was getting to be beyond pointless. Pointless is what I do...but I still try to keep from getting redundant/irrelevant. Come to think of it, I think Megan over at Snow Covered Hills said something about northern bloggers who had trailed off after they felt they were no longer "new" to the community they're living in. Lemme have a look see around her place...err uhh...I mean her online place...right...not her actual would be weird. Umm wouldn't it?...
ah ha! Here it is: Doesn't anything last?

I kinda sorts completely feel like that was me. But for the last couple of weeks I've had a hankerin' for some key-spankerin'! (hmm...that didn't have as good of a ring to it as I had hoped...)
Lots (see: LOTS!) has changed for me over the past year:
New job, new place of residence (same ol' island, different civic address), new...DOGGGGAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!

Let's get this party started:

Back in ummm April (maybe?) of this year I took in a stray from town that I'd grown quite fond of. He would always join Sadie and I on runs and was (and still is...for the record) incredibly friendly and good with other dogs. Eventually I took to giving him the odd serving of food cause he was looking mighty skinny and then he'd crash out and sleep on my front step for a few hours.
My roommate (not a dog hater...but not a dog lover) was out of town for a few months for training so one night when it was particularly messy outside I caved and let him come in the house. He let me bathe him (confession: the beginning of this sentence is not erotic. Don't make this weird.) and even slept on the floor beside my bed.

(Just so we're clear...I don't sleep in a tree or a dirt pile...this is from a camping trip. This is just for reference. Not that I care what you think of my sleeping acorn pile is just fine thankyouverymuch!)

I first figured it was only going to be for a few nights or weeks until I could get some weight back on him, buuuuuuuut as you may have already guessed (and if you haven't, here's some punctuation for you to be distracted by: && %**@@$*%*()_#), a few weeks turned into a month and then I decided I wanted him to stick around. So after a couple of discussions with the guy who used to keep him, it was official. He's here to stay!

And that, my blogettes, is the story of Sir Thomas Jefferson!
As you can see from the pictures already, he's a beast of a dog. He tips the scales at about 90 lbs, but I'm assuming that number is going to keep going up. His head alone intimidates most, and his paws are gargantuan! Okay so maybe gargantuan is a bit of an overstatement, but frig off would ya! I haven't had a chance to use that word in...a...uhh....time.
On with ze photographs:

"But-but-but what about Sadie!?!?!?" you might ask?
She's as omnipotent as ever!

See how she casts a shadow with ease? That's right. ALL powerful.

And me?
Just as awkward as you remember!

Good gawd we have lots to catch up on don't we? My goodness, you've aged well dear viewers...what's your secret?
umm oh...
-yeah I didn't really need to know th-
But how did you get so much of it in your-
I see.

Well uhh I should really get going. No really.
But I think we're starting something new here. Something beautiful.

I'll be in touch seriously!


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i see you're letting your eastcoastness show.

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It's like trying to prevent the can't be done!