Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Internetting is serious business

I think I might be in a internet rut.
There's a few different sites I stay up on but other than that I don't stray too far from those bookmarks.

It's funny though (HAHA), because when I have complete and reliable access to the internet (ie. At home, not at work. And when NorthwestTel decides to play nice, which can be rare), I get bored pretty quick. Here's a few of the sites I regularly kill time on:
Straight Dope
Facebook (durrrr)

and then there's a few other photography sites that I've just recently started getting into and then whenever I've got a hankerin' (there's that word again...that dirty, dirty word) to buy some outdoor gear.

But you know what? This may come as a shock to some of you (and to those who it's not a shock...HUSH UP!) but...I don't have all the answers! I don't know the best of the world wide web. I need your guidance!

What sites are your foundation of internet time killing?

And since my subtitle at the top of my blog says I'm going to be more with the picsees and less with the talkin''s a picture I snapped the other morning. Now get with the answers:


Meandering Michael said...

The Cheezburger Network exists for no other purpose than to kill time. (Explore the tabs at the top)

John Mutford said...

My time kill (other than Blogger, of course) is Sporcle.

Anonymous said...

Try ....nothing but wasted hours there (mine, and i'm assuming others as well)

Alex said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Now to hurry off and go waste some time...