Thursday, September 9, 2010

Music is my friend

Soooooooooooooo I like music. There it is! It's out there! In fact...I LOVE music. LOVE IT!

Except I find that people tend to take exception to my tastes in music.
I like it all. Well...almost all of it. Not the stuff you like. Gross.

For you see...I'm one of those people. Yeaaaah one of those people. The guy that always is playing music you've never heard of. Hell you've never even heard of that genre. But I'm the guy that insists that it's the highest rated genre of all time. In fact after spending 5 minutes of music conversation time with me you get irritated beyond measure by my use of the word "genre".

If you like anything that's on MTV I probably won't like it. For some reason...once it goes mainstream, I disown it. That's my own problem though. I have no doubt I'm missing out on some great music because of my own stubbornness in refusing to acknowledge mainstream music.
Maybe it's just me, but I really feel like mainstream music is so devoid of emotion and passion that it's just noise. It can be really good sounding noise...but part of me just feels like I can't truly enjoy it without sacrificing 30% of my soul. Not 30% per song of course...more like as a whole. I mean yeah...I love music...but I'm not QUITE ready to pledge my whole life on it. It''s...uh....okay okay music is.....umm...neat.

(What's the point) might ask?

The point of music? Of LIFE!?!?!

(No you idiot, of this post!?!?)

Oh...well it's a lengthy transition into a posting of some of my recent flavours of music of course!:

Don't act like you don't:

This one is just a plain ol' awesome video. Hell it's a plain ol' awesome album. Their next one? Not so much...:

Big Boi knows what he's doing:

and for the bonus round...some Blitzen Trapper! I dare you to listen through to the end and not smile once and/or long for the days of Queen.

BONUS BONUS (if you like Blitzen Trapper and you just hate the English language you just might like this):

In is ridiculously great.


Andrew Hines said...

did colin turner write this under a pen name... errr keyboard name?

Alex said...

I tried to think of something really smart to reply with but now my brain hurts.
So needless to Colin. But perhaps he was channeling himself through me...