Sunday, September 5, 2010

Straight up FLOSSING.

Alright I need facts. NOW.
What the eff is up is the deal with flossing? Yes, flossing with a "g". Not a G flossin', but flossing with a "g".
I just don't get how it's so difficult!
I like to think that I take care of myself pretty well for the most part; drink lots of water, don't eat a lot of sugar, exercise for at least an hour every day, eat many small meals, don't open those bubble containers for toys from vending machines with my teeth, no longer sleep with my contact lenses in (my mom is so proud right now I know it), and I even brush my teeth once (usually twice) a day...but for some reason I CANNOT get into a groove of regular dental flossing. Maybe it's because I really don't like doing it. I'm usually bored while doing it, ready to stop after doing the top teeth, and struggle to finish the bottom teeth. Thank god (lower case...) I don't have a third tier of teeth. (Note to self: don't evolve a third tier of teeth).
I mean yeah, I always feel like I just did a good thing for myself after I finish...but...meh....flossing?

As a wearer of minimal hair (okay fine, bald), I've taken to shaving my head regularly which is a commitment in itself as it takes 10 minutes or so each time to do it. And yet I can't find the 30 seconds a day to floss my teeth.

The only reason I'd approach a topic as interesting as flossing is because I just felt a slight tinge in my mouth. Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's something. I don't know. But I'm pretty sure that the dentist that was visiting Simpson for 1 week won't be here on Tuesday when everything opens back up after the long weekend.
I guess all those people who recommended that I go see the dentist while they're here were right.
I hate those people.

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Ed Hochhalter said...

Oh yeah, it's not the easiest habit to do in the world. It can feel quite tedious but it does help a lot. It helps clean the space in-between your teeth, making sure that any appointment with the dentist is more comfortable for you. Well, I hope you continue (and not evolve a third row of teeth, haha)!