Sunday, September 19, 2010

Terry Fox kicked my ass

I love doing the Terry Fox Run. LOVE IT.
Unfortunately it's not because I have a strong passion to raise funds for cancer research. (what...I'm just being honest! I'm FOR curing cancer...for the record)
Nobody will ever accuse me of being TOO motivated...and if someone does I'll show them! I'll get together a bunch of....ah frig it I'll do it later...

I do love a challenge though. I do my best when there's an obvious start and finish to a project/race/task.
For those that know me, you're probably thinking that I chose the wrong line of work.'d be....right! Have a cookie.

Take the Terry Fox Run.'s not a day of competition or bitter rivalry...for most.
I look at it as a challenge to finish a challenge. Even if it is only 10km...I did it!
That being said...I'm cooked!
Mind you I did it with Sadie and Thomas Jefferson, which in theory, sounds like a good idea. But in Fort Simpson reality, it means fighting with numerous stray dogs by puffing your chest out and going all "alpha dog" on their stray canine ass! For those that don't know...that takes a lot of energy.

Anywho, I also got my new Garmin Forerunner 305 and heart rate monitor in the mail!
Until I actually tried it out I didn't think it would be all that big of a deal either...but that thing is friggen AWESOME. It gives you your route down to the meter, your heart rate, speed, distance, etc etc ETC. And it'll spit all that out to you in Alex-friendly graphs and google-maps integrated routes. I can't even really explain how awesome this thing is to you. Why are we even talking about this? Text cannot convey the awesomeness of this device. CONVERSATION OVER

Just so you don't get bored and leave my blog prematurely...doggay picture:
Sadie and Thomas Jefferson as they have been almost all day since I took them on the 10km run and another run down to the beach for good measure:

Please ignore our outstanding taste in furniture.

Speaking of comatose dogs...wanna know a secret?

Between you and me, Thomas Jefferson is getting neutered tomorrow. eeeeeep!
The traveling vet circus is in town all this week so I'm seizing the opportunity to have him fixed. It has been a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time coming for him...from the info I've been given he's about 3 years old now.
I feel bad for the guy...but hey, it's for the best. At least that's what I'll tell him when he finds out.

It's not so much of a traveling veterinarian circus as it is a vet from Peace River, Alberta that brings a trailer up every 6 months to provide a week of veterinarian goodness.
It's all we have here in Simpson...but it works!
Maybe I'll suggest to him that he get some decals on the side of his trailer that say "CIRCUS!". Perhaps a novelty horn too. OOOH and a clown! Yeah! He can dress like a clown!
This is gonna be great! I can't wait to tell him. The veterinarian.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That vet truck is amazing! We took our kitties to him when we lived in Hay River. They have a leather sofa, satellite and full out operating room. Circus decal and novelty horn would round it out perfectly.

tamiupnorth said...

Hey Alex, I really like your blog and we are looking for a few stories of people living and working in the NWT that are willing to be profiled on our website - check out the day in the life story gallery. Email me at and let me know if we can interview you! Thx!

Megan said...

DO IT. I did, and now I'm David Hasselhoff!