Sunday, October 17, 2010

I may be in the minority...

I had a post that I wrote earlier last week that I thought I had published but apparently I switched the publish dates on it and it never went up...

Anywho, the post was a spitting rant on how displeased (you wouldn't like me when I'm....DISPLEASED!) I had been with the weather and pretty much life in general.
It had been raining of and on, the dogs were pissed, and every single one of my possessions were caked in mud. Never you mind why I had all the silverware outside in the mud.

BUT now...NOW...I'm back in love with the world. Or Fort Simpson at least.



Don't you dare hate on winter.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Canada Post and I are friends again...for now.

As per normal, I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with Canada Post and the entire mail system in general.
I order something, I track its progress across the country fanatically, and then it gets to Edmonton and I'm left in a stage of undefined I going to get my package anytime soon? Am I going to have to follow up with Canada Post to see if my package was lost? I NEED TO KNOW HOW I'M SUPPOSED TO BE FEELING RIGHT NOW!

So anyways, while on one hand I'm a bit upset with the mail system because my copy of Civilization V (don't you dare judge me. Don't do it!...please?) has apparently gone missing as it was supposed to have arrived over a week ago...on Friday afternoon I DID get my new basketball kicks in the mail on schedule! Booooooya!:

Sneaker porn...

These bad boys even have a "heat check" feature on them which means the black "3-stripes" will turn to white when your feet get hot. The slogan attached to the feature is "Now your coach and teammates can KNOW you're busting your ass getting up and down the court!".
Ha! Seriously.

I realize that your previous stance of "Will not judge" has now been shifted into full on "Judging...and how!".

and...I'm okay with that.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moose bumps (and other parts of the moose anatomy)

Let me set the mood for you before we get started:

The fall season is a very important time of year for many residents in the NWT as it brings about...Fall Hunt!
If you're a big fan of intact moose, or not a big fan of moose that aren't may want to look away. As for everyone else...yeeeeehawwwwww! You're my kind of people:

Behold the moose...nature's jokesters, even in death:

Nom nom nom:

For those with a foot (hoof) fetish:

Fall hunt usually signals that winter is just around the corner, and sure enough, we had a few days straight of snow here in Simpson. But then today, it's +20C outside and I spent the afternoon on the beach in shorts and a t-shirt with the dogs.
Go figure.