Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moose bumps (and other parts of the moose anatomy)

Let me set the mood for you before we get started:

The fall season is a very important time of year for many residents in the NWT as it brings about...Fall Hunt!
If you're a big fan of intact moose, or not a big fan of moose that aren't may want to look away. As for everyone else...yeeeeehawwwwww! You're my kind of people:

Behold the moose...nature's jokesters, even in death:

Nom nom nom:

For those with a foot (hoof) fetish:

Fall hunt usually signals that winter is just around the corner, and sure enough, we had a few days straight of snow here in Simpson. But then today, it's +20C outside and I spent the afternoon on the beach in shorts and a t-shirt with the dogs.
Go figure.

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