Sunday, November 21, 2010

4 wheels bad...2 legs good!

I know I know, imagine that, it got cold in the Northwest Territories in the winter! Blah blah, the presses, stop them, etc...


This is actually a cold snap of sorts. Weather Canada even told me so! (the added an adorable asterisk beside the weather this nyeaaah)
There's been some biatchin' around the island from people about it finally getting cold cold, but I gotta say, so far it has been awesome. There's a lot of things I forget about the winter until I'm actually immersed in it again:
The creaking and cracking of the trees, my eyelids freezing together (sometimes painful, usually fun), the front door freezing shut, etc etc etc

Side note: While my front door was able to withstand my barrage of kicks and screams, my front window did not. What a joke that window was! Only took 2 swears and one kick to break it! I should clarify that one of the swears was prior to the kick, with the second following immediately after said kick.

But seriously folks, we're having fun here.

There's something about the cold winter air that really drives me and gives me a new energy about being outside.
Wanna know what doesn't drive me in the winter? My *&%^#$@ truck! That cheeky monkey is all:

and then I'm all:
"I'm walking everywhere."

I gotta say, pretty much the only thing keeping my alive during my life-endangering, 3 block walk to work (I KNOW RIGHT) is my ultra-enviable levels of testosterone as

See that? Even wolves cuddle up close to me for protection. WOLVES PEOPLE. WOLVES.

But even more seriously folks, did you really think you were gonna make it through this whole month without having to stomach some shots of my Mo'? For shame, anonymous reader, for shame.


Anonymous said...

You're insane... -30 is not 'fun'. I remember my first blue sky day in Canada.. had been there for about a week and it finally stopped snowing and was beautiful and blue.. so, silly me not used to Canadian weather, I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and headed outside to play in the sun... oh... my... god. That was the day I discovered that sometimes it is so cold it gets hard to breathe.

Megan said...

The Mo needs its own blog.

Cameron Bennett said...

Haha, listen man, I live in South Africa and your 'eyelids freezing shut' scares the hell out of me. I hope you survive your winter young sir for a life without eyelids won't be too pleasant...

Anonymous said...

Alex, i must say your lack of dedication to your blog as of late scares me, almost as much as my eyelids freezing shut..

Kimberly Boling said...

Brrrrr - thats a few degrees to cold for me ;)

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