Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Did that ceiling tile just change its pattern? Cause if it did...

In case anyone was wondering how I came to be sharing my love for Girl Talk earlier today...during work hours...I have a confession to make:
I had food poisoning today!

Now before you throw your arms up in a celebratory manner, I should inform you that this was the kind of food poisoning that was not enjoyable. I KNOW RIGHT!?!??

So besides listening to some music, running to the bathroom to do generally unpleasant things, and lying in an unflattering position on the couch, I had lots of time to stare at the ceiling.
As I stared at said ceiling, I recalled some of the odd notions and perceptions I had when I was kid...for instance I can remember having a birthday party, and all of my friends were there except for one of my best friends. I couldn't believe he didn't show up! He had told me how stoked (actually I don't think I had any words that good in my vocabulary in those days) he was about coming to my party all week!
But then my mom came to me and said that Jaime's mom had just called and said Jaime wouldn't be able to make it because he had food poisoning.

Food. Poisoning.


Now I'm not positive, but I'm fairly certain my thought process would have been along the lines of:

But...who would poison Jaime?
(I'm pretty sure at the time I thought that only super-villains had access to stuff like poison)

Wait, did his mom poison him? She must have! My mom always makes and provides me with my food, therefore, his mom must also make and provide him with his food, and THEN added lethal poison to it! I can't believe Jaime's mom would do that to him!! She must not have wanted him to come to my party. That must be it.

Of course I found out LATER that he ate some bad seafood, and his mom WASN'T trying to kill him. But even still...where was my birthday present Jaime!? I guess some questions are better left unanswered.

I can also remember as a child somehow coming up with the notion that a "babysitter" was someone that my parents used to exchange monetary funds with for the service of temporarily supervising me while they were not present to do so themselves.

Okay so I guess I wasn't so far off with all my of conclusions as a child, but come on, food POISONING(!!!) people!


Megan said...

You left out the most interesting part: how did YOU get food poisoning?

Alex said...

I was the victim of some baaaaad chicken!

Fortunately I'm feeling a bit better now...

Meandering Michael said...

When I was a kid, a doctor told me I had a sore throat because I got a bug in it. I kept my mouth shut when I ran around for years after that.

Alex said...

Wait...so your doctor was...wrong?

Anonymous said...