Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Mackenzie River's neglected brother...the Mackenzie Riverbank

The weather has been b-e-a-uuuutiful all weekend here, with a surprising Chinook kicking off the weekend with +8C temperatures. Speaking of Chinooks...Wikipedia has a good read on them HERE. Maybe all that stuff is common knowledge to all you westerners (oh how I loathe you) but for a small town east coast bluenoser who don't know nothin' 'bout no nothin'...Chinooks are still a pretty neat phenomenon to me. I also enjoy peppering my conversations with the use of the word "neat".

Anywhooooooo so I've been on-call for work all week(end) and as a result, I've been getting to bed early and getting up early. It's a vicious cycle I know. BUT there have been a few nice perks. Take yesterday for example: I was wide awake and ready to start the day at 7am (ON A SATURDAY PEOPLES!) so I thought it'd be great to head out with the dogs and catch the sunrise. Then I remembered that sunrise isn't until almost 10am right now. So that was a bit of a buzz kill.
Short story made long, I hummed and hawed (thanks for teaching me the use of this phrase at an early age Dad) around the house for a few hours and then went out to seize the day...photographically, that is.

The sights were quite neat:

But not all was pleasant on this morning, for I can across the remains of a fallen soldier. God bless your heart, noble steed:

Ahhh! (Commence with the vomiting)
A massacre!

Thomas Jefferson and Sadie were being preeeetty disrespectful too, what with the dancing and playing near the corpses. Okay I didn't wanna say anything, but between you and me, I even saw Thomas Jefferson pee on their remains!


But I was all "Hey you guys! No biggie! It's me!"


Too soon?

Hmm...well in case the sight of my HUGE HEAD turned you off...this will cure all that. (Commence with the being turned


Megan said...

Glowing crotches don't turn me on; they remind me of Paris Hilton.

Alex said...

You've watched the video too huh....

Meandering Michael said...

Great last shot. Are those angelic voices that I hear?

Also not turned on, but suitably impressed.