Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby go bar?

Here's something I came across a few days ago and I've been noticing it has got a bit of recognition across the interwebs as of late. If anyone knows what the nature of my work is then they may be slightly surprised that I find this video so hilarious...but watch it yourself and I think you'll agree that it's AT LEAST chortle worthy (or perhaps a "titter" if that's more your style?):

That being said...there's still something oddly disturbing about the scene as well. So I don't know whether I should hate myself for laughing or I should hate myself for hating myself for laughing. For now I'll just continue to not hate myself until I receive more conclusive evidence.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Continuing with my theme of fitness/health related posts, I'd like to encourage everyone who feels that behaviours can be shaped through tax policies to take in the following. It's a link to an initiative for the creation of an Adult Fitness Tax Credit, much like the already in existence Child Fitness Tax Credit. If you have a minute, take a look and submit an e-postcard to your local MP:

Adult Fitness Tax Credit

Who knows if it would actually make any sort of a difference, but hey, I don't qualify for many tax credits (you'll have to pry the Northern Resident Tax Benefit from my cold, frost-bitten hands) so I'm all for any additional ones, especially when it's for an issue I strongly support.
I'm still amazed at how many able-bodied adults perform absolutely no exercise as part of their day or even their week. I'm not saying everyone should be out running marathons, but nothing at all? I mean COME ON

< /rant >

Tuesday, February 15, 2011're "that" guy

So after much biatchin' on my part, I've started trying to do something about all my aches and pains.

So you mean you've cut alcohol, candy, and deep fried foods out of your diet?

Huh? Wuh? Good god no. I'm taking more pills and powders of course!

Let's see...I've got Vitamin D, Glucosamine, multivitamin, Omega 3/6/9, glutamine, Bailey's (I keed I keed!), creatine, and whey isolate protein. Phew!

Now taking pills isn't my favourite thing in the world to do (for the record: Crazy Carpets!), but I've now completed 3 days of my new intake of supplements. I'm thinking that if I DO experience an immediate life altering change in my health it'll mainly be the result of a placebo effect, but hey, what's the harm? (If you just said "ummm wasted money is the harm", you can leave now)
I've been taking protein and glutamine for years, and off and on taking creatine, but the rest of these mysterious and mystical pills are all very new to me.

Anyone have any positive/negative experiences in which to share?

(and a heads up in case anyone was planning on trying to convince me to begin drinking my own urine...yeah I'm not going to do that. Umm, unless that worked really well for a friend of a friend of yours. Otherwise...there is NO WAY you're getting me to do that. Again.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting from point A to point B just got a whole lot sexier...


I'm not sure if this really qualifies as "something new" anymore or not...but almost 2 months ago I made the hard/difficult/trivial/EASY decision of putting my old truck out to pasture (you do know that means KILLING IT don't you?? Sorry to ruin your childhood.) by utilizing Ford's Recycle Your Ride program.

I was a hardcore believer in the notion that I had no use for fancy options such as "reliability" or the frivolous ones such as "working heat". Notice I said WAS. Now? Hooooooo boy gimme the goods! I may have got one or 2 options that may have questionable practicality...but overall it's a bitchin' truck. I really like it. I love it. Actually can I tell you something? I'm going to marry it. Ceremony and everything. Make it official. Uh huh.

**Editor's note: don't hate on Alex's unorthodox love interests. Expand your mind. Stop being such a square.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The New and Old Adventures of Alexander B.

Alexander B.,
Took a pee,
In the northwestern sea,


Ah...childhood memories.

Hello again internet world. Or, more specifically, fellow bloggers.
My it has been a while since we've been in touch. Too long? Or not long enough some may say?
Some jerks may say that.

Well let me get us started again in the right direction: I'm sorry!
But you couldn't have been that mad at me. After all, thanks to a quick check of the internet traffic stats on this blog, I can see that I'm still receiving a steady stream a traffic from the usual sources: friends' blogs, the odd google search for "Fort Simpson", and of course everyone's go-to site for getting pregnant fast.

wait...sorry what did you say that last one was?...

Oh that one? Why I'm talking about How to Get Pregnants Fast of course!

But then you probably already knew that.

(Sidebar: You really should go read that's an entertaining read if nothing else. AND educational!)

I'd love to flat out lie and say that I've been a blog absentee for reasons out of my control...but nah, I'm just lazy. That's right. L-A-Z...ah fuck it I'll finish that later.

If I WAS going to blame it on something though, I think it'd have to be me. Actually, make that my body. Where do I start?

That's right people, OLD. No, unfortunately I'm not referring to an Oldsmobile. I'm talking aging. The great equalizer. Father Time. Mortality. Senescence. Ugh.
Ok quick disclosure: I'm actually only 26. (unless I was lied to...HEY MOM? WE NEED TO TALK)
But over the past 6 months I've encountered a string of minor injuries and nagging pains that have led me to the conclusion that getting older sucks for your body. Back in October, I was playing basketball in Yellowknife, and somehow I dislocated my pinkie finger on my right hand. After a by a random guy that was standing inconspicuously in the corner of the gym, I was back on my way. I thought that with some ice, and avoiding basketball for a couple of weeks I'd be back on my way to having the most bitchin' pinkie finger this side of Ecum Secum. Now, almost 4 months later, I'm still stuck with this mangled-eww don't touch me-my germs-one millllllllion dollars-evil pinkie finger.
I've already had it looked at by a few different doctors and nurses, but really the best answer I've got so far is " might help...but it might not". Not very promising. Nyaaa, now see here you:

Follow that up by me attempting to go skiing, falling hard on my ass, and consequently spraining my left thumb. That was about a month ago, but it still isn't right again either. (I've learned to drop the part of that last story where I tell people I was cross-country skiing. As in on flat ground. Yeah, I know. *hangs head in shame*)
Compound all this with a bizarre abundance of jars and containers that for some reason need to be opened by me at home and at work, and looks of disappointment from those who would have me open them only to see me struggle. It sucks.
I'm having several other issues with back pain and my shoulder dislocating as well....but really, despite my desire (LUST) to just want to bitch about all of this, I think it all is just a wake up call that I need to start taking better care of myself in ways other than just exercise and producing needlessly long sentences.

zzz....huh? Wha? You're still talking? Holy frig man, what's your point in all this??!






Sorry about that.

Anyway, I think I feel better overall when I'm actively writing on my blog. Perhaps it just adds to my overall sense of VITALITY! INTERNAL ENERGY! OVERALL BETTER SENSE OF WELLBEING!

Why yes, I did recently purchase a Q-Ring bracelet! Why do you ask?...

So in summary, behold, as I attempt to actively blog again.

/I don't have a mustache right now...sorry
//NOT an actual Q-Ring wearer. Nor do I have plans to become one.