Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby go bar?

Here's something I came across a few days ago and I've been noticing it has got a bit of recognition across the interwebs as of late. If anyone knows what the nature of my work is then they may be slightly surprised that I find this video so hilarious...but watch it yourself and I think you'll agree that it's AT LEAST chortle worthy (or perhaps a "titter" if that's more your style?):

That being said...there's still something oddly disturbing about the scene as well. So I don't know whether I should hate myself for laughing or I should hate myself for hating myself for laughing. For now I'll just continue to not hate myself until I receive more conclusive evidence.


ReminisceMe said...

dont hate yourself for time spend laughing,it was worth it.


Lealeepo said...

babies are so cute don't matter what they are doing!

jadoo said...

nice post

danish_mama said...

so good

hapi said...

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Jay Brantly said...

That's a big surprise, why would a baby act like a prohibition freak, especially at such a young age, that is hard to make sense of, maybe simply overly aggressive and not yet fully clear on the results of their actions, as that's even true of some adults too.

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