Thursday, February 17, 2011


Continuing with my theme of fitness/health related posts, I'd like to encourage everyone who feels that behaviours can be shaped through tax policies to take in the following. It's a link to an initiative for the creation of an Adult Fitness Tax Credit, much like the already in existence Child Fitness Tax Credit. If you have a minute, take a look and submit an e-postcard to your local MP:

Adult Fitness Tax Credit

Who knows if it would actually make any sort of a difference, but hey, I don't qualify for many tax credits (you'll have to pry the Northern Resident Tax Benefit from my cold, frost-bitten hands) so I'm all for any additional ones, especially when it's for an issue I strongly support.
I'm still amazed at how many able-bodied adults perform absolutely no exercise as part of their day or even their week. I'm not saying everyone should be out running marathons, but nothing at all? I mean COME ON

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