Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh...you're "that" guy

So after much biatchin' on my part, I've started trying to do something about all my aches and pains.

So you mean you've cut alcohol, candy, and deep fried foods out of your diet?

Huh? Wuh? Good god no. I'm taking more pills and powders of course!

Let's see...I've got Vitamin D, Glucosamine, multivitamin, Omega 3/6/9, glutamine, Bailey's (I keed I keed!), creatine, and whey isolate protein. Phew!

Now taking pills isn't my favourite thing in the world to do (for the record: Crazy Carpets!), but I've now completed 3 days of my new intake of supplements. I'm thinking that if I DO experience an immediate life altering change in my health it'll mainly be the result of a placebo effect, but hey, what's the harm? (If you just said "ummm wasted money is the harm", you can leave now)
I've been taking protein and glutamine for years, and off and on taking creatine, but the rest of these mysterious and mystical pills are all very new to me.

Anyone have any positive/negative experiences in which to share?

(and a heads up in case anyone was planning on trying to convince me to begin drinking my own urine...yeah I'm not going to do that. Umm, unless that worked really well for a friend of a friend of yours. Otherwise...there is NO WAY you're getting me to do that. Again.)


Meandering Michael said...

Umm... maybe less IS more? Worked out that way for me.

Awesome weather in Fort Simpson now, eh?

Alex said...

I assume by "awesome" you mean "-40C"....yes?

Meandering Michael said...

You know it! Awesome!

Miss Silly Girl said...

Remote Biochemist to the rescue: I pretty much agree with "less is more". If you really want those pills I suggest keeping Vitamin D and the Omegas

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