Sunday, June 19, 2011

My umm...alarm didn't go off...

Oh, hi there everyone. Sorry I'm late. Now I know some of you "dislikers" (to be a "hater" is a bit strong choice of word isn't it?) are going to want to focus on how inconsistent I am, and perhaps be wondering if I have some crazy reason(s) for my absence. Welllllllllllllll no. None of that. And for the record...IRL...I'm the king of consistency. I am a rock of reliability. No wait, I am THE ROCK. That's right, I'm Dwayne Johnson! I've been posing as a physically unimpressive 20-something white guy who resides in the Northwest Territories! Ha! And you believed me! LOLOLOLOLOL (make that a raised eyebrow "LOLOLOL").

There. Now that we have that out of the way...let's move on. (boy that excuse-paragraph really got out of hand)

Since everyone loves recap posts...let's dive right in to one shall we? (Actually I can't confirm that other people like them...I like making them because it gives the impression that my life is WILD PURE UNADULTERATED EXCITEMENT ALL THE TIME...buuuuut in truth it falls somewhere else in the spectrum. The "WILD PURE UNADULTERATED EXCITEMENT ALL THE TIME Spectrum" that is.

I'm still living in Fort Simpson.

I still only have....2 dogs.

I am having the best summer....OF ALL TIME! (yo other summers, I really like you, and imma let you finish, but...etc etc etc)

and...uhh...ok so this was a bit misleading. But I DO have lots of pictures in which to distribute in time. When they reach you, please pass them around in a timely manner. JONATHAN I SAW THAT. Then I want everyone to ask 1 question each. If you do it, we'll go for 1 extra water break on Friday afternoon! Jonathan...JONATHAN. Thank you.



(in case you can't feels awesome to finally post again!) WEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


Megan said...

And it feels awesome to have you back. :)

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